Culinary Q – Outdoor Island Kitchen

The Culinary Q Outdoor Island Kitchen has all the entertaining capabilities you need to share your favorite grilling recipes on its spacious bar area.



Item #:
Stucco Only – 31045

Angus BBQ Stainless Steel 4-burner grill 75,000 BTU’s
Stucco base – Choice of 4 colors
Porcelain Tile counter top
Stainless Steel Refrigerator 4.4 cu. ft.
Stainless Steel Access Door with lock & key
GFCI Outlet

      Brahma BBQ Stainless Steel grill 20″ x 38″ -90,000 BTU’s
      Stucco-Rock base – Choice of 4 colors
      Granite counter top – Choice of 4 colors
      Two Tone Tile Colors
      Chopping Block
      Door/Drawer Combo
      Single Sideburner LP/NG
      Double Sideburner LP/NG
      Single Drawer
      Double Door
      MP3 Docking Station
      Drop-In Ice Chest
      AM/FM CD Player with two speakers
      Umbrella 9′ Canvas
      Bottle Opener
      Outdoor Rated Refrigerator
    GFCI electric outlet

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