Western Q – Outdoor Island Kitchen

The Western Q – Outdoor Island Kitchen has plenty of room for entertaining friends and family. With the raised bar and the extra counter space you will never run out of room to share all your favorite grilling recipes in the comfort of your backyard.


Item #:
Stucco – 31069
Rock – 31070

Angus BBQ Stainless Steel 4-burner grill 75,000 BTU’s
Stucco Base – Choice of 4 Colors
Porcelain Tile Countertop
Stainless Steel Refrigerator 4.4 cu. ft.
Stainless Steel Access Door with lock & key
GFCI Electric Outlet

Brahma Grill
Stucco-Rock Base Choice of 4 Colors
Two Tone Tile Colors
Granite Counters
Single Side burner
Chopping Block
Stainless Steel Utility Drawer
AM/FM CD Player with 2 Speakers
MP3 Docking Station
Drop-In Ice Chest
GFCI Outlet
Double Door
Double Drawer
Door/Drawer Combo
Bottle Opener

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