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Bull Gourmet Himalayan Salt Block

The Bull Himalayan Pink Salt Block is harvested from ancient sea salt deposits. Foods grilled on a Himalayan crystal salt slab take on a light, clean, naturally salty flavor while absorbing minerals necessary for good health and longevity.

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BBQ Oven Plate

The BBQ Oven Plate turns your conventional oven into a confectioner oven to make scrumptious desserts.

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Vineyard Rosewood Handle Tongs

Our Tongs have contoured rosewood handles and have extra long reach for all your grilling needs.

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Vineyard Rosewood Handle Spatula

Our Spatula has contoured rosewood handles and a built in bottle opener.

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Vineyard Rosewood Handle Big Head® Grill Brush

This grill brush comes with contoured rosewood handles, a stainless steel Big Head, and a replaceable head.

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Vineyard Rosewood 3PC BBQ Tool Set

This tool set comes complete with contoured rosewood handles and generously sized tools.

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Stainless Steel Grill Clips

The Stainless Steel Grill Clips help to grill individual portions of vegetables with ease.

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Stainless Sausage Grilling Basket

Our Stainless Sausage Grilling Basket has Rosewood handles, holds up to 6 sausages, and is easily adjusted for height.

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Stainless Rectangle Flexi Grilling Basket

The Stainless Rectangle Flexi Grilling Basket has a flexible wire that expands to fit the shape of your food. It is great for chicken, fish, and vegetables.

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Stainless Mini Burger Grilling Basket

Our Stainless Mini Burger Grilling Basket with rosewood handles holds nine mini burgers.

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